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This Blog is an informative blog on how to creat a blog and things you can do as you write your blog...

Lets Get started, to create your first Blog you need to ADD a blog, simply click on ADD BLOG button shown below


once you have done that a box will open like this one below


OWNER box, this is the person who will be allowed to manage the blog, if its your blog your setting up then its yourname that goes in here ( Username )

TITLE box, Give your blog a name, eg " my year 2016 ".

This is a box to give a brief description of what your blog is about, would suggest a small description of why you are blogging.

STATUS has 2 options Enabled and Disabled, Enabled means the blog is LIVE , disabled means no one can see it

Email Notifications On New Comments If you allow users to reply ( comment ) then you have the option to be emailed anytime someone comments about your blog, this is done by setting this option to YES. ( The email address you registered the account on will be the one that the email gets sent to )

Read Permission - Who can see your blog, only you or All users suggest using default ALL otherwise whats the point in blogging !!

Post Permission - Who will be allowed to post to this blog, just leave this as owner that way you control what gets displayed in your blog

Reply Permission - If you set this to RGISTERED USERS then member of Scottish Wildlife Community will be able to leave comments

Edit Permission - There may be an occasion when you require help with your blog eg say your blog was "where to watch birds in Glasgow", then members who live in glasgow can help and add / edit the post , for this to happen set this to REGISTERED USERS

Delete Permission - Leave this set at OWNER or someone may be able to delete your BLOG

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