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Scottish Wildlife Community - a central online community for birdwatcher and nature lovers in Scotland. "


What started of being a site aimed at Birdwatchers has grown into more than just a birdwatching site, it now covers all aspect of nature from the smallest bug to the largest animal in scotland, although most members are bird watchers several have a more extensive knowledge.


The site is a place where its members can seek help identifying species, chat about places they have visited or even shout how wonderful their own local patch is.


So what does the site have to offer:-



Members Gallery:- A place for members to upload there photos, sections include, birds, animals, insects, reptiles etc, at present there is in excess of 500 images and growing daily.



Scarce and Rare Alertz :- Find out whats been seen in the last 24 hrs in your own region or nearby regions



Ticklist System:- An online system where members can keep a ticklist of , photos they have taken , life long list and year list, there is also a leaderboard table so that members can see who has seen the most.



Central Home Page :- A Home page tailored to the members, no advertisements, links to all parts of the site and various other wildlife sites


Users Forum :- Covers all areas of Scotland, with categories such as Introduction, Help Identifying, Local Patches, Twitchers Grapevine to name a few.


Sea Eagles:- Scotbird currently support the East of Scotland Sea Eagle project ( ESSE ) and publish newsletters as to the current status of the project.

The Project is aimed at re-introducing this once well established bird of prey , back into the wonderous wilderness of East Scotland following a similiar successful project on the West Coast some time back.


What you waiting for , come and Join a friendly group of individuals with common interests,


" Oh, Did i mention it is all free ? "


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