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Found this Moth on my car tyre. Can anybody tell me what kind it is? Brown Hare feeding in grass thinking I cant see it. Roe Deer in snowy forest.  Think he has seen me. Red Squirrel feeding.
Image: Moth On Tyre
Download: Moth On Tyre
Poster: Macrude
Posted: Fri 24 Jun, 2016 18:33
View: 205
Image: Brown Hare.
Download: Brown Hare.
Poster: Macrude
Posted: Wed 24 Feb, 2016 22:18
View: 85
Image: Roe Deer
Download: Roe Deer
Poster: Macrude
Posted: Wed 24 Feb, 2016 22:16
View: 70
Image: Red Squirrel
Download: Red Squirrel
Poster: Macrude
Posted: Wed 24 Feb, 2016 22:11
View: 85