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Flying Visit 21st August 2016
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Post Flying Visit 21st August 2016 
was on a tight leash yesterday due to boss chick deciding the house needed decorating again this year.  Was going to go back to Musselburgh, but worked out I'd be sitting in the car longer than I'd be birding, and I've had a bit too much of that this year.  Instead, and flushed with the possibilities of LRP and Little Stint, I headed back to my spiritual home, that I'd sadly neglected for too long this year.

Various on-line technological things that I don't fully understand had said the LRPs and the Little Stint were at the causeway hide, and I headed directly for there.  Plenty of Lapwing, and BHGs on the mud/ muddy water.  A moorhen carried nesting material, and continued building a nest- which can generously be called 'hopeful.'  Mute swans with 2 young, mallard scattered about in bunches, and a whole bunch of dabchicks.  No sign of LRP or little stint, or blackwit at first, until Little Stint flew in suddenly, spotted first by Davie Abrahams, local birding legend.  Great views, good light, and it was sticking close to lapwing, so a brilliant chance to do a size comparison.

The BHGs were very agitated, and a look out into the deeper water showed why.  The otter was patrolling its territory, feeding/ playing, and generally disturbing the peace.  A sudden movement to the left got me the blackwit, as it headed back round in a circle.  Suddenly, everything lifted, and after sticking our heads out the window, we got the peregrine soaring above.  It fixated on the blackwit and pursued it, unsuccessfully.  The blackwit may not have landed yet, though.....

Water rail squealing in the reeds, and green sands reported tucked in out of sight across the haugh teasing me.  A quick walk back got me buzzard and not much else (stil very, very quiet) which allowed for the singing chiffchaff to make himself noticed.  

Quick visit, no ticks, but all action nonetheless.

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Post Re: Flying Visit 21st August 2016 
Spent a couple of hours at the Haugh today. On my way into the Marsh Hide I met Jimmy Maxwell, who was clearing out a drainage ditch (is there no end to this man's talents ?). He told me that there had been two Little Ringed Plovers around lately, but he couldn't see them today. It was as quiet as I've seen the Marsh Hide, so I concentrated on the mud over to the left, and eventually got an LRP to the right of the fence (photo confirmed by Jimmy on the way out). I moved along to the Causeway Hide and got a dozen Snipe, four Dunlin, a Green Sandpiper, several Common Sandpiper, and four Black Tailed Godwits. Loads of Little Grebe. I went round to the Clyde and watched an otter for a while from the new bench. A Kingfisher flew past, which always makes my day. Back round to the Marsh Hide and met a different Jimmy, who told me that a lone female was now on the top of the Causeway Hide. A female what you may ask. Answer : The type that specialises in baggy t-shirts and ill-fitting leggings.

The Haugh's never going to change. We just have to accept that we'll come across the odd rocket every now and then. It's worth it.

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Post Re: Flying Visit 21st August 2016 
Good reports and sightings. Although I'll refrain from judging on the last one;)

The haugh has been good for waders this year, possibly due to the new warden listening to Jimmy and opening the sluice earlier than normal.

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